Meet The Band

At Wah Wah we make honest coffee curation, that's why we are passionate about finding special coffee from microcultures or small farms to ensure that the origin and processes are clean, careful and with great attention to detail, like artisanal work. Meet our team:

The Roaster

Allan Dorgan

Allan Dorgan is our Master Roaster. Allan was born in Leamington, UK. His passion for coffee developed on a trip to Buenos Aires Argentina, where he met Vicky and together they founded Full City, one of the best Coffee Shops in the Argentine capital, roasting specialty Colombian coffee. Allan is one of the founders of Wah Wah and has been roasting coffee for 13 years.

Front Woman

Victoria Angarita

Vicky is a journalist and writer. On a trip to Buenos Aires she discovered her passion for coffee and wanting to introduce Colombian coffee to Argentina, always supported by her father Parmenio Angarita who is the founder of the Colombian Coffee School. In Buenos Aires he founded Full City Coffee House together with Allan, which became one of the pioneers in specialty coffee in that city. Vicky is the founder and soul of Wah Wah Coffee Roasters and from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta she is in charge of honestly curating farms and small coffee crops to find the best beans for roasting at Wah Wah.

Music Lover

Mauricio Mendoza

Mauri is a journalist specialized in creating content for digital platforms. He has worked in the Latin music industry for over 15 years and is a passionate music lover. But his passion for coffee began with his travels, where sharing and exploring with other countries and cultures led him to understand the importance of coffee in people's daily lives regardless of their customs or social classes. Mauri leads both marketing and content at Wah Wah.